Autumn Mix and Match 2018

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What have you been up to? I’m currently scheduling content for the blog, so I am including a lot of Autumn related posts and ideas that might be of great interest to you. For the beginning of the month, I found perfect this Mix & Match post (as I know we all need a bit of thought before we plan our autumn wardrobe).

Are you ready for Autumn? When the leafs start to fall and the weather gets just a bit chilled, all I want to do is light a Yankee Candle, fill a glass of champagne and take a really nice bath.

I usually take a day in October to look at my wardrobe, evaluate it and try to reinvent it – maybe some pieces are worth mixing with other that I didn’t consider before or I need to find the missing piece I need (Oh hello, shopping!). Keep reading to find out my hot picks for this season and my Autumn Fashion Checklist!

Weather wise, the beginning of the month is usually nicer, rather than the end when it’s colder because it’s almost November. Considering that in my last post 5 wardrobe basics that every cool woman should own, we talked about basic elements of a wardrobe, today I would love to share with you some ideas of mix and matching those items (and not only) in order to create different outfits. So, I picked the first Sunday of October to shoot my go-to looks for this Autumn. Enjoy them!

Monochrome & a yellow splash

One of my favourite things to do when matching clothes is to play around with styles. Wearing a casual T-shirt with a pencil skirt is a must do for me!



miss-andrada-autumn-mix-and-match1Keeping warm

This one is for colder days (we got plenty here in London). This faux fur is perfect for keeping warm, giving that glam aspect to your look.






Autumn Fashion Checklist

I believe it’s quite important and useful to have an items checklist for the new season – in this way you can keep track of what you already have or clothes that you have (and somehow forgot about).  Mine are key elements that can be mixed this season (although some I have not shown above):

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 20.22.04.png

What items do you have on your checklist currently? And what would be that key item for you this season? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Love the faux fur but really love how you took an outfit from everyday to excellent with that necklace and fur… adorable.

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