Keeping it casual in Portobello Market

 Keeping it casual in Portobello Market


Finally! A new post on outfits! And it’s a super interesting one!

I partnered with the founder of a new London based fashion magazine to produce new and exciting content. The magazine will include an overview of London street fashion and offer tips on different boroughs of the city. The articles will be really well documented and only the top picks will make it to the actual magazine – so expect loads of unique fashion ideas!

I only discovered Portobello market’s little vintage shops and narrow streets this weekend. There’s no wonder why the market is so well known and talked about – there is indeed everything you can imagine from pretty antique shops, exotic jewelry, quirky clothes to socks shops and great street food.

As the atmosphere in Portobello is quite chilled, I chose to wear something more casual than I would usually wear. Took my favourite jumper & scarf and ran off to the markets!

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, find me at @missandradavonc – would love to connect), you might know that I started to love big scarves – if you haven’t tried wearing them, you have to know that they’ll keep you so very warm! I am addicted now! Another thing that I love to wear these days are off shoulders jumpers & army pants. Enjoy the shots!

Miss Andrada Casual Outfit PortobelloMiss Andrada Casual Outfit Portobello Miss Andrada Portobello 3Miss Andrada Portobello

What is your favourite casual outfit? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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