LFW 2018: The Best Tips on making Brand Collaborations during London Fashion Week for Fashion Bloggers

Hello girls, You’re probably getting ready now for your next show or presentation, but before you head to the fancy venue, take a few moments to consider your brand objectives of the day. What do you want to achieve on the day that will help your personal brand grow? Watching the latest shows and getting [...]

raincoat miss andrada february outfit

How to Style Series: Awesome raincoat outfit for the rainy February

Hello my lovelies, It's almost half of the month and I have to admit what a blogging journey this have been and will continue to be. One of my top aims when I went back to blogging in January was to attend the London Fashion Week this season. And I'm trying to say this in [...]

One insanely gorgeous pair of Red Earrings to wear this Valentines Day

Hello girls, Either you are into celebrating Valentines Day with your loved one, or you’re planning a cocktail night with your girls, this day is the perfect excuse to turn up looking elegant (and really girly). Don’t forget about the accessories that will make the outfit perfect and will make you SHINE. As you have [...]

Shoe obsession: Dark Copper & Glitter Shoes You will instantly LOVE

Glitter was a huge trend of 2017! Let’s break it down for you today. If you love a bit of glitz & glam, you might have been bought into this trend by now. I LOVE glitter, but equally I feel that if I am to wear it in an everyday setting, I need to find [...]

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes Hello there, If you’re in the hunt for really warm clothes and you believe puffer jackets are the only solution to the current situation, layering can really come in handy if you don’t like feeling wrapped up every single day. There are no big news here as [...]

New Year, New Bolder Style? 2 Stunning Golden Hair Accesories for 2018

This post is about just being you. I am not referring to having completely style makeover in the New Year, but to you experiencing with different add-ons that you can selfishly use to express your personality. Feeling edgy? Try glitter! Feeling I-need-to-make-myself-noticed-from-the-Moon? Get your enormous scarf on! What is style? For me, a woman’s style [...]

Get ready for Holidays with me – The Magical Holidays List

Hello girls, When the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, I like to make sure I’m getting ready for holidays in time because remembering even the most minor details, will count towards making the holiday really magical. First week of December Just before the first week of December, I like [...]


Learn How to Dress Cool in Winter Too x Biblos Glasgow

It's that time of the year again and.. let me just tell you - sometimes I just want to put a cozy jumper on and don't worry about my outfit because it's that cold. I'm glad it doesn't happen too often though, otherwise my outfits will have to embrace that boring vibe. One effective way [...]