Learn How to Dress Cool in Winter Too x Biblos Glasgow

It's that time of the year again and.. let me just tell you - sometimes I just want to put a cozy jumper on and don't worry about my outfit because it's that cold. I'm glad it doesn't happen too often though, otherwise my outfits will have to embrace that boring vibe. One effective way [...]

Keeping it casual in Portobello Market

 Keeping it casual in Portobello Market Heya, Finally! A new post on outfits! And it's a super interesting one! I partnered with the founder of a new London based fashion magazine to produce new and exciting content. The magazine will include an overview of London street fashion and offer tips on different boroughs of the [...]

Young Designers Awards x Miss Andrada

Young Designers Awards x Miss Andrada Last Saturday, I had the great honour to participate at the Young Designers Awards held at Pullman St Pancras. I was delighted by the wonderful pieces the designers worked so hard to put together for the event and by the really cool and supportive atmosphere. By talking to different [...]

 Autumnal / Halloween Haul 

 Autumnal / Halloween Haul Happy Sunday everyone, It’s THAT time of the year when we start to get excited about the leaves getting brown and the weather getting colder. Although, I have to say, London is so warm for almost the end of October and I can’t really complain because I’m not a freezing cold [...]

10 things I’ve learnt by the time I’ve turned 22 

I feel so inspired to start writing on my lifestyle section. Thank you for the support received on my first post.   10 things I’ve learnt by the time I’ve turned 22      1.  Don’t be ashamed of not knowing everything- always be happy to learn I remember I was chatting to an older [...]

6 great ways to deal with stress and daily tasks x 123 Flowers

Hello everyone, Today's post will be different from the fashion topic as I am launching my first lifestyle post! I will be still running my fashion blog, but I would love to share with you some ideas about lifestyle as I believe a certain style can only be achieved by mastering both. Our lives are [...]

Autumn Mix and Match 2018

Hello ladies, What have you been up to? I’m currently scheduling content for the blog, so I am including a lot of Autumn related posts and ideas that might be of great interest to you. For the beginning of the month, I found perfect this Mix & Match post (as I know we all need [...]

5 wardrobe basics every cool woman should own

Hi girls, It’s Autumn already – that great transition between summer and winter that always gets us questioning what would be the perfect items to wear. Don’t let yourself too influenced by the ‘latest’ trends that try to make you run to the shops and buy all the ‘new-in’ items. Evaluate really well whether you [...]

Pilgrim Jewellery Giveaway Wild Autumn Collection 2017 + How to accessorise a simple outfit

Hello and welcome to my blog!   I just moved down to London in the beginning of August as I started a new digital marketing job and I’ve been in love with the English city ever since. I am super excited to start blogging here and meet other London bloggers (let’s connect on Instagram as [...]