The perfect Spring Suit – Mustard Tones

Hello lovelies, I am so happy to say that FINALLY, I have found the perfect Spring Suit. I can’t actually say that I was looking for one in particular, but surely I wanted a nice cut blazer. For me, yellow or mustard have always been the perfect colours to break into spring, as also seen […]

Hottest Spring Sunglasses and All Black Outfits You Need Now

Hello lovelies, How is March treating you so far? I feel like this is the busiest month for me! With loads of reports to write, attending photoshoots, having dear people over and moving houses, I feel like days are flying by. But I’m really having the best time. If the last outfit ideas were a […]

2 Outfit Ideas To Make You Look Gorgeous This Spring

Hello lovelies, It’s all about Spring here on; it means it’s time to start wearing some fun & colourful outfits, even though the sun is not out every day in the U.K. Colour brings me another reason to smile throughout my day and I’m sure it will make you just as happy as it […]

What to wear this Spring: Top Items you will love

Hello lovely ladies around the world, Happy International Women’s Day! It’s sunny outside in London today and I highly hope that Spring will settle in soon. In case you’re as excited as I am to chuck your puffer jacket in the back of your wardrobe, I’ve put together a quick (very feminine) outfit for celebrating […]

Latest Fashion Trends: What to wear at Fashion Week and Networking Events

So, you’ve made it on the guest list! Congratulations for putting in the hard work that took you so far! You should feel amazing because this is a reward that can change your blogging path. As, we’ve already covered how to collaborate with brands and make them your best friend, now we’re focusing on what […]

raincoat miss andrada february outfit

How to Style Series: Awesome raincoat outfit for the rainy February

Hello my lovelies, It’s almost half of the month and I have to admit what a blogging journey this have been and will continue to be. One of my top aims when I went back to blogging in January was to attend the London Fashion Week this season. And I’m trying to say this in […]

One insanely gorgeous pair of Red Earrings to wear this Valentines Day

Hello girls, Either you are into celebrating Valentines Day with your loved one, or you’re planning a cocktail night with your girls, this day is the perfect excuse to turn up looking elegant (and really girly). Don’t forget about the accessories that will make the outfit perfect and will make you SHINE. As you have […]

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes Hello there, If you’re in the hunt for really warm clothes and you believe puffer jackets are the only solution to the current situation, layering can really come in handy if you don’t like feeling wrapped up every single day. There are no big news here as […]