How to Blog while Working Full-Time – The Real Blogging Schedule You Need

Finding the time to write for your blog and create the best pictures for it might seem to be a struggle at first. I started blogging in September 2017, but I wasn’t posting constantly just because I was coming up with excuses. Tiredness, creative blockages and not enough motivation are all factors that can lead […]

The Mindset of High Achievers & Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style

High Achievers always challenge themselves; they are in constant progress. The road to success is difficult, but the right mindset can empower you to achieve your life goals. Having the ability to do something, when you would rather do something else is the fine line that separates an achiever from a weak woman or man. […]

How to Feel Better in any BAD Day – Top Tips From my Effective Routine

Feeling stuck? We all have moments when we feel stuck and we might experience a sort of mental block. Well, this happened to me recently; I didn’t feel like doing anything, let alone get creative with content ideas. In the first instance, I blamed the weather and my deep desire of having a bit of […]

Get ready for Holidays with me – The Magical Holidays List

Hello girls, When the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, I like to make sure I’m getting ready for holidays in time because remembering even the most minor details, will count towards making the holiday really magical. First week of December Just before the first week of December, I like […]

Nomination for the Liebster Award 2017

  Hello everyone, I’m super excited to announce the I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, by the wonderful Katie Henry! Check out her blog as she puts a lot of passion into it – here’s one of my favourite posts written by Katie:Top Ten Books That Aren’t Novels You might be wondering what […]

Beautiful things that make me happy every day

Hi there, Are you enjoying Autumn so far? 🙂 I am so happy to have started this lifestyle section on my blog that I keep writing on it constantly (Go you – for your positive feedback so far!). I’ll try to make this post as specific as I can because things that make us all […]

 Autumnal / Halloween Haul 

 Autumnal / Halloween Haul Happy Sunday everyone, It’s THAT time of the year when we start to get excited about the leaves getting brown and the weather getting colder. Although, I have to say, London is so warm for almost the end of October and I can’t really complain because I’m not a freezing cold […]

10 things I’ve learnt by the time I’ve turned 22 

I feel so inspired to start writing on my lifestyle section. Thank you for the support received on my first post.   10 things I’ve learnt by the time I’ve turned 22      1.  Don’t be ashamed of not knowing everything- always be happy to learn I remember I was chatting to an older […]

6 great ways to deal with stress and daily tasks x 123 Flowers

Hello everyone, Today’s post will be different from the fashion topic as I am launching my first lifestyle post! I will be still running my fashion blog, but I would love to share with you some ideas about lifestyle as I believe a certain style can only be achieved by mastering both. Our lives are […]