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It’s cold outside and almost beginning of February. Can anyone think of something else besides coffee, warm blankets and romantic movies? I’m getting you ready for looking absolutely amazing this Valentine’s Day with my four outfits that you should wear… and throw away your lounge wear! Put that dress on and your most loved high-heels and hit that date!

1. Go neutral & slay the date

Ready to look hot on your night out? If you’re going for drinks and then a unique place around your city (at least that’s what I enjoy rather than a standard dinner), then this Beige Bodycon Dress is exactly what you’re after. It’s a bit shimmery, so you’ll be glowing while celebrating your love. I have a feeling that your man will appreciate this outfit as well because it’s sexy and can give you a great confidence boost! It’s always about how a dress makes you feel, right? ❤️ Have the best night ever!

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2. Queen of hearts

Option two is definitely for an exquisite location, so if you’re going to a luxury restaurant or a private event, a long dress is something you can absolutely consider. Feel on top of the world and ready to conquer his heart! What better occasion than Valentine’s Day to wear red? Call it a classic, but this Maxi Dress will guarantee you looking like a queen! Whatever you plan to do on the day, just remember that you have to shine and do what you can to do so. Enjoy your day to the fullest, girl!

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3. Black outfit that sparks fire

Well, the outfit might not spark fire in the real world, but it will in people’s minds. This is a WOW factor outfit. It makes me think of a panther, moving slowly in the jungle, especially because it’s on the shoulder! I would consider a slick or wavy ponytail for this outfit as it will make you look super tall and chic. Thinking about places where you could actually wear this one, there are endless options. I would recommend you check their social media, not just their professional pictures on the website and see how the place looks like in real life. Have fun rocking this one!

what to wear on valentines day black jumpsuit not a girly gal

4. For the sexy vibe lover

Not the dress type? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Why not jump out from the good old black jeans in exchange for some stylish leggings? I’m ‘guilty’ of embracing this trend, but I always ensure I wear them reasonably. Don’t go around wearing all fake leather please – keep it within reason. I believe a nice mix can be done with a white top (this was actually a dress I used as a top) and faux leather leggings – so let’s think have fun a little bit! This look would be perfect for going dancing, cinema or even cocktails. Keep it fun, keep it you!

what to wear on valentine's day outfit

Tip for choosing your outfits

When choosing your outfit, do your research first. Please don’t yawn at the sound of this! Look up the place on social and always check what other people have posted on Instagram geotagging that location. You don’t want to end up underdressed! I didn’t say overdressed, because I don’t believe in that! There’s no such thing as overdressed – I know that from one of the most stylish women I know, my beautiful mother. So, look at other people’s pictures and who knows, you can even find your picture spot beforehand.

Have a look at www.femmeluxefinery.co.uk and browse through their collection. They have so many other awesome dresses on show at such a good price as well! I totally recommend them as you can pick & choose your dresses for different occasions without costing you a fortune for just one night. I don’t know about you but I don’t like wearing a dress more than once every two months, so I don’t feel like investing in pieces to wear once in a while.

Thank you very much for stopping by! I know you’ll have an absolutely fantastic Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget, it’s about enjoying who you are and appreciating your loved one for always supporting you when you kick-ass, because it’s so important to have someone who understands and cheers when you have success.

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