Incredible Tricks to Choose Your Stunning Leather Jacket

Do you love black leather jackets? Me too! Although I didn’t wear one in three years now,  I find leather jackets to be perfect for the transition between spring and summer. Finding the perfect one might be a challenge, so get browsing and follow my tips to choose your own. History of the leather jacket […]

Why you shouldn’t care about Social Media’s negativity in 2018

Social Media can be both a fun community to be part of, but also a pain sometimes. I feel that there is a lot of negativity going on at the moment or boasting for getting compliments. Feeling the same thing? Let’s see exactly why you SHOULDN’T care about it and how you can still enjoy […]

Discover Clever Ways to Dress Fearless on Your next City Break

Hello there, Have you decided on your next city break? Or are you still browsing through the latest offers? Either way, now is the best time to scan your wardrobe and decide on which pieces will make it to the trip with you. We will have a look at what you need to pack to […]

How to Blog while Working Full-Time – The Real Blogging Schedule You Need

Finding the time to write for your blog and create the best pictures for it might seem to be a struggle at first. I started blogging in September 2017, but I wasn’t posting constantly just because I was coming up with excuses. Tiredness, creative blockages and not enough motivation are all factors that can lead […]

The perfect Spring Suit – Mustard Tones

Hello lovelies, I am so happy to say that FINALLY, I have found the perfect Spring Suit. I can’t actually say that I was looking for one in particular, but surely I wanted a nice cut blazer. For me, yellow or mustard have always been the perfect colours to break into spring, as also seen […]

The Mindset of High Achievers & Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style

High Achievers always challenge themselves; they are in constant progress. The road to success is difficult, but the right mindset can empower you to achieve your life goals. Having the ability to do something, when you would rather do something else is the fine line that separates an achiever from a weak woman or man. […]

How to Feel Better in any BAD Day – Top Tips From my Effective Routine

Feeling stuck? We all have moments when we feel stuck and we might experience a sort of mental block. Well, this happened to me recently; I didn’t feel like doing anything, let alone get creative with content ideas. In the first instance, I blamed the weather and my deep desire of having a bit of […]

Hottest Spring Sunglasses and All Black Outfits You Need Now

Hello lovelies, How is March treating you so far? I feel like this is the busiest month for me! With loads of reports to write, attending photoshoots, having dear people over and moving houses, I feel like days are flying by. But I’m really having the best time. If the last outfit ideas were a […]

2 Outfit Ideas To Make You Look Gorgeous This Spring

Hello lovelies, It’s all about Spring here on; it means it’s time to start wearing some fun & colourful outfits, even though the sun is not out every day in the U.K. Colour brings me another reason to smile throughout my day and I’m sure it will make you just as happy as it […]

What to wear this Spring: Top Items you will love

Hello lovely ladies around the world, Happy International Women’s Day! It’s sunny outside in London today and I highly hope that Spring will settle in soon. In case you’re as excited as I am to chuck your puffer jacket in the back of your wardrobe, I’ve put together a quick (very feminine) outfit for celebrating […]